I was born in Enfield UK, but raised in London, Ontario and Komoka, Ontario. I earned my BFA from Western University.

I’ve exhibited, sold and published my work internationally.

I freelance in graphic and web design.

I have a line of paper toys and packaging that I’ve designed and sell in my Etsy shop.  Paper craft has been a passion of mine, ever since my brother brought home some paper “dittos” of geometric shapes that could be cut, glued and assembled. I would trace the outlines and make new ones. I was often to be found in my room, making finger puppets and dolls out of paper.

I use a computer to design my paper things, but when it comes to sculpture,  my approach is decidedly low-tech.  I make things that are reminiscent of something you swear you might have seen from many years ago. As often as possible, I use recycled and re-purposed materials that also come from the past. I also use old technologies and these things link to the feel of past experiences. It’s a bit like making things retroactively. I also enjoy collaging with paper and I apply the same principles to collage. There is a joy to finding a scrap of candy wrapper, old paper ephemera, or a knob from a broken kitchen utensil, and seeing it enhance something I have made.

I would like for people experiencing my work to be able to disconnect from the present and enjoy small ideas from the past. My inspirations are old, handmade toys and folk art and I try to work within that spirit, making do with what I have on hand and working with the technologies I have chosen.